Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V/A:ANTARCTICA ,New Music from Antarctica, Volume 1,LP,1982,USA

LOVE OF LIFE ORCHESTRA - Siberia (Peter Gordon) 3:23
JILL KROESEN - I'm Sorry I'm Such A Weenie (Jill Kroesen) 2:47
"BLUE" GENE TYRANNY - The World's Greatest Piano Player ("Blue" Gene Tyranny) 10:44
NED SUBLETTE - I Ain't Afraid of Girls (Jill Kroesen) 2:26
RHYS CHATHAM - Drastic Classicism for Electric Instruments (Rhys Chatham) 9:08
DAVID VAN TIEGHEM - And Now This (David Van Tieghem) 5:13
JILL KROESEN - You've Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson) 3:41
PETER GORDON - Waiting for the Dawn (Peter Gordon) 3:38

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Over The Moon said...

Wow, Rhys Chatham is on the Antarctica comp. It must be very good. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

THIS comp is absolutely essential, if only for the penultimate ballad of the confident male: Ned Sublette

I searched for almost 18 years to find this rekkid - the copy I scored from ebay was lovingly treated: as in 10 of thousands of plays. All but the midrange was played out of it. Here's hoping your version has some high and low end :-)

Ny Decay said...

You wouldn't have any more Jill Kroesen, would you? That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I too have searched for years for this baby. Bought the Rhys Chatham box just for "Drastic Classicism...", Kroesen, Sublette, Van Tieghem (whatever happened to HIM?)


Hilaire said...

"BLUE" GENE TYRANNY - The World's Greatest Piano Player ("Blue" Gene Tyranny) - Best song

DThompson said...

I've owned this record for decades, one of my favorites. I also have a box set of 7" called Lovely Little Records that features a Blue Gene Tyranny composition "Harvey Milk (Portrait)" along with pieces from John Bidchoff, Paul DeMarinis, Phil Harmonic and others, I'm pretty sure I've digitized at least part of this set. Would you be interested?

Silent Watcher said...

hope this is still useful to someone...first off, thanks for posting! i haven't been able to convert this to MP3 and this helps me out. Big Bill Laswell fan, who, incidentally is on the first 3 tracks.

For the Kroesan poster...if you trawl around blogs a bit, you should be able to at least find "Vicious Cycles" a full-length from her. It is believe it or not, still avaialable new on vinyl from Lovely Music.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks - I just noticed that you split the tracks of this album wrong. I own the vinyl and you erred starting with Rhys Chatham - you split it in half, and the last track is two songs in one.

Anonymous said...

that's right!
thanks for the comment,
i appreciate this

this makes channging from the tracklist:
05(part A) + 06 (part B after break):
Rhys Chatham – Drastic Classicism For Electric Instruments 9:08,
David Van Tieghem – And Now This 5:13
08 starting with:
Jill Kroesen – You've Really Got A Hold On Me 3:41
also 08 ending with:
Peter Gordon – Waiting For The Dawn 3:38 also song 08

thanks for sharing this great compilation!

mk said...

I really want to say thank you for all the work you and your team do. I had over 1,000 album that I lost in a flood about 15 years ago. Most purchased between 1981 and 1986. Several of the rare compilations I had I have found on your blog, this being one of them. Most of the material I never thought I would ever hear again. Still looking for a few, but this is great. Thanks.