Thursday, February 15, 2007

V/A:Hoisting The Black Flag ,LP,1981,UK

Side 1
Funky 7 - Lemon Kittens
To the Nile Sisters - Truth Club
Duelling Banjos - Nurse With Wound
Bogart... ...was Three Lemons - Mental Aardvarks
Side 2
Early Dance Music - David Cross
Dance Music - Paul Hamilton & Joseph Duarte
Her Entry - Whitehouse
Foreplay - Whitehouse
What Have You...Done pieces of meat-Mental Aardvarks
Released in 500 copies through United Dairies in 1981
One of the top experimental/industrial early 80s compilations!
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Loki said...

excellent.. this is the one that someone (John Fothergill?) working at United Dairies pressed the cover the wrong way round (so that Lemon Kittens came first, along the top) and Steve Stapleton got annoyed about (or something) - thus contributing to the downfall of the original NWW trilogy...

or maybe I dreamt that...

Blind Uncle Gaspard said...

Hi there

I had problems with three of these tracks being coupt