Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A1 Whitehouse My Cock's On Fire (12:56)
A2 H.N.A.S. Christoph Yööl A (5:53)
A3 Vagina Dentata Organ Kill Baby, Kill (1:53)
B1 New Blockaders, The / Organum "----" (2:41)
B2 Toll There Must Be More Than This (3:58)
B3 Current 93 I'm The One (5:11)
B4 P16.D4 (Virtuell) Ausgemerzt (2:01)
B5 Nurse With Wound The Poo Poo Song (3:16)
B6 Haters, The Crasbreak (0:59)

A1 Chrystal Belle Scrodd Split And Well Hung (2:19)
A2 Nurse With Wound The Cockroach Of Del Monte (4:47)
A3 Coil & Boyd Rice His Body Was A Playing Ground For The Nazi Elite (3:22)
A4 Sema The Over Yellow (4:01)
A5 Smegma Wonders Of The Human Body (2:53)
A6 Duka Bass Band Die Ameise Von Rom (2:19)
B1 H.N.A.S. Speck Des Jahres (4:37)
B2 Asmus Tietchens Gift Im Lift (5:13)
B3 Mieses Gegonge Salz (2:30)
B4 P16.D4 Ausgemerzt (Virtuell) (5:09)
B5 Duka Bass Band Bitterböse Blasmusik (2:24)
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Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of this blog for just a few days now ... I really am enjoying myself here. Thank you so much!

Just to comment on this post, I never noticed until today that the Dragnet re-release of this on 2cd does not contain the Coil/Boyd Rice track. So, again, thank you for posting this ... now people can listen to it as intended by the original publishers!

Guy F. said...

great and original "selektion" of albums you provide.
Thanks for sharing these sounds.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there is a track missing in Ohrensausen. It is track nr. 3 - Coil - His body... Is there any chance to get it UP, please. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Ohrensausen(1986): nurse with wound - the cockroach of del monte

This song is brilliant, Thank you for posting it!

Davecat said...

I have to agree with the Anonymous directly above -- that's one of my favourite NWW pieces. Thanks for the posts!

Lucas said...

The Coil track is missing probably because these songs were pulled from the re-issue on Dragnet Records. The original LP featured Coil, but the re-issue did not.