Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Zippo Zetterlink - In the poor sun (recordings 1969-71), LP, Germany,1971

This was one of the first lost relics of Krautrock to be unearthed. Zippo Zetterlink was the band lead by an obscure character from the late-60's/early-70's Hamburg underground scene, one Wolfgang Orschakowski. At the time of course, no one would release such an album of demented psychedelic cosmic blues! So, in the late-70's Wolfgang released an album himself, documenting some of his remarkable lost music. With live recordings from the Blow Up club in Munich circa 1969, a festival in the Hamburg Melle Park in summer 1971, and some studio jams. Mostly, the side long title track in particular, it's stoned Ash Ra Tempel style jamming, though much more crude and demented. There are a couple of short blues songs too, one interesting, one less-so. It amounts to a unique vision into the Hamburg psychedelic underground, and an unknown Krautrock relic.
Wolfgang Orschakowski (guitar, vocals, radio), + Klasse (bass), Samy (congas), Helena (organ), unknown (drums)


musicgnome said...

Zippo Z:

Nabbed this when I won my first (of many) Ebay Auctions. It wasn't overly priced, but there was a certain feeling of accomplishment.

Really cool album, btw.

Anonymous said...

2nd Zippo Zetterlink album is now out on www.myspace.com/psychopathdotorg - see also Wolfgang's videos and pictures on the same site.