Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Zoviet France - Mohnomishe,2LP,1983,UK

Zoviet France (also known as Soviet France, and also written as :zoviet*france:) is a prolific ambient industrial music group from Newcastle upon Tyne in Northern England. While often dissonant and made of industrial textures, their music is also of a distinctly ambient music bent. Formed in 1981, the group has had a variety of members, presently it consists of Ben Ponton and Mark Warren. Former members included Robin Storey, who now records as Rapoon, Mark Spybey, who now records as Dead Voices on Air, Peter Jensen, Andy Eardley, Paolo Di Paolo, Lisa Hale and Neil Ramshaw
Their music, consisting often of droning textures set against tribal rhythms and fleeting dissonant melodies, was often made from neglected sound sources: obscure radio broadcasts, toy instruments, and other odds and ends, often heavily processed or looped. Over time their sound became increasingly electronic and computerised.
The packaging of their early works was extraordinary - records were released in burlap, roofing shingles, aluminium foil. Their CDs weren't as often so packaged, but were occasionally quite unusual, including felt, decorative pins, and wood veneer.
In 2005 Storey, Spybey and Eardley, announced that they were forming a new group: Reformed Faction.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this band. I always have trouble locating their material and they are one of my favorite artists. If perhaps you have more :zoviet*france: that you have time to post I would be eternally greatful :-)

Sean said...

not related to this album, but thank you for what you're doing here. you've completely invalidated my now defunct attempt at making a nww list blog but i can't be anything other than thankful for that. I'm probably going to start my blog up again, although with a different focus, obviously.

ged said...

Not relating to this post - just a Big THANKS for all the intereting stuff your posting up for us .... and a request.

I'M SO HOLLOW - Sheffield band circa 1979 - did they ever release an album? I remember their Peel session - esp Dreams to fill the vacuum. JArvis Cocker was a fan I believe,


mutantsounds said...

I'M SO HOLLOW have a LP called "Emotion Sound /Motion" released in 1981.Soon to appear here:)

Glenn Baskin said...

Excellent thanks you

The Gosub Routine said...

Many thanks 4 this, as I do not have it.