Thursday, November 29, 2007


Beguilingly beginning in the frosty Tietchens-like realms of abstract minimal synthiness Konrad Becker's Monoton specialized in (specifically circa Monotonprodukt 07), this cassette release (reissued on CDR in an edition of 50 by Stefan at Dauerblumen/Datenverarbeitung, for whom we can thank for sending me this treasure), this soundtrack material resides at the polar opposite end of the musical spectrum from the intensive Neue Deutsche Welle sturm und drang of their Barbarei LP (soon to be posted), which was also reissued by Stefan on CDR before it's vinyl appearance on Was Soll Das? Schalllplatten. That Tietchens angle rears it head again elsewhere as well via a murky synthetic churn that brings to mind Tietchens' aborted 5th Sky label release (later issued as the Rattenheu 10"). Doom laden and subterranean in tone, this is a highly appealing trawl through twilight landscapes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Eric. I am happy that my friends and my past will not be lost :)

Stiev A. / Stefan

Bee said...

I won't grab it because I already got a rip. Just want to say, great share, highly recommended!

433 RPM said...

even when i had this on my own 433rpm blog some time ago, i wanted to download it, and see if it sounded different than mine (because of the CDR), but in my unzipped version there appears only one track...? 4 flimmern... and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Downloaded it as well, all good over here, 433 rpm! 5 Tracks. You might try again..

Best regards,
thanks for your own sharing spirit and hard work,


Jeff said...

433 rpm, Try unzipping with WinRAR. I got all five tracks that way. Hope it works for you.


433 RPM said...

i use stuffit, i am a mac guy


Anonymous said...

1981? It sounds like maybe 1986 with that wimpy mid-80s Korg style string sound. It's definitely not an ARP string machine or any kind of string machine that was around in 81. I sometimes don't trust the dates on some of that stuff which was never originally released or stuff that was hidden in a closet and then found somehow by some reissue label. I hear some bits of a Monton and Asmus influence but the music here is definitely not in the same class as those two guys. Still, thanks for sharing.

433 RPM said...

i have an original datenverarbeitung catalogue dated 4/9-82 in front of me, which already mentions this. and before you ask: i didn't fake it, nor got it later, since i bought magazine of the same name and some tapes from datenverarbeitung directly back then. great label!

Anonymous said...

The files in this post aren't as loud (-8 dB) as the ones posted to 433 (+4 dB), though these have the last track indexed. Great release either way...I'm saving both ;).