Tuesday, November 6, 2007


A seminal missing piece of the L.A. Free Music Society puzzle (only one track from it was included in the Lowest Form Of Music boxset), there's a serious array of L.A. underground avant goodness to be found within these grooves, with most of the major LAFMS personnel making an appearance here, both under their own names and as members of one-off projects. For my money, the really choice bits here include Vetza's mad vocalizing being macerated by Joe Potts' Airway processing, Tom Recchion's conflation of pots 'n' pans clatter, balloon squeak and distant organ themes, Rick Potts' magnificently smurfy and addled "Ode To Archaeopterx" and the trifecta of mutant pop pleasures that lead off side B, with three projects all containing largely the same personnel: the Human Hands-like art pop of Dennis Duck, Juan Gomez, Tom Recchion and Rick Potts under the moniker Paul Is Dead (the one track here that was deemed worthy of inclusion on The Lowest Form Of Music box), The Doo-Dooettes-like doink of The Square Haircutts (basically the same line-up as Paul Is Dead, with Juan Gomez replaced by one Freddie Tobiason) and the equally Doo-Dooettes-like jingle of The Fine Arts Dumpsters, which is the same line-up as Paul Is Dead, with instruments swapped among 'em. Essential.

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danny said...

god bless the lafms mess

Ostro said...

I do not know how to explain the number of times I have come to Mutant Sounds and had my mind blown.
Either saying "I can't beleive they have that" or "what the hell is that"
Completely and irreversibly bitchin.

Anonymous said...

could you please please repost the DRIVE TO HEAVEN, WELCOME TO CHAOS comp? i loved the other two compilations in that series, but the link for this one is dead.
thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

fantastic blog with lot of rarities.
I look for the paga group haunted and Didier lockwood Surya.
Thank you very much for all your post.
Light from France.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog with lot of rarities. I look for the Paga group Haunted and Didier Lockwood Surya.
Light from France.

FuzzFlynn said...

I've always been impartial to the Pablums "Under my Gums."

Anonymous said...

thanx for one of the greatest blogs i ever met! so much good music! i still have some requests/questions. did you ever hear of 'imperial pompadours' or 'blue ridge production'? or does anyone reading this know? love & grooove

danny said...


"...the Human Hands-like art pop of Dennis Duck, Juan Gomez, Tom Recchion and Rick Potts under the moniker Paul Is Dead..."

It should be noted that this track is in fact a pre-Human Hands rendition of the HH song "Crazy"!!

mike said...

once again i wanted to thank you for the work you're doing here. i had a question though; i really like the Where's Lisse EP that's been uploaded and their track on the Wonderful World of Glass compilation, and I was wondering if they ever did any other EPs or full albums? If they did, and you have any to upload, that would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

so good...
lafms boxset was published in entirety few days ago on the lost in tyme blog (one of the "family, i can't recall on which one precisely).
you are doing a magnificent job here
all the very best!

Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me that MassMirror now has two more upload servers.


Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me massmirror has two more upload servers now.


Anonymous said...

I started to download it. i hope it will be a interesting compilation

Andrew Meehan said...

This is fantastic. Always glad to hear selections from the panoply of LAFMS. Thanks.

LAMb Chop said...

this is sounding great, a ton of fun! Mutant Sounds dishes out a generous portion of tasties yet agin..

Exeter said...

I can't believe I didn't find this one before now; and now is too late..
"File not Found" on RS. I heard a track or two from this in Seattle about 1980...on KRAB-FM's "Life Elsewhere".... I sure would like it if it could be re-posted...
Thanks for everything you have done... IT is amazing..

al66 said...

Mediafire link for this album:


Exeter said...


I am Truly Grateful!

Thank you so much!