Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Astronauts(UK)-Soon(Survivors 7"+Pranksters in revolt 7" + extras),LP,1986 ,UK

This is the 3rd lp.Actually a compilation of their first 2 e.p.s (Survivors/Pranksters in Revolt, 1979/80) plus 5 new songs.In this post you will find the complete eps + the extra songs from Soon LP.Another masterpiece!"Young man's world" is one of my top 10 songs ever!
get it here


Fred said...

This is an amazing band, very good I like it much. After all those years I can still discover great stuff, thank you for what you're doing !

Gamo Saurus said...

The link doesn't work any more. Can you please re-share these amazing releases? If by any chance you also got Flacs for these....please share them. I have been looking for A Young Man's World in flac for years, but i don't own a record player in order to buy the LP and rip it :(