Saturday, February 10, 2007

HNAS-Melchior, LP,1986,Germany/UK

Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa (better known as HNAS) were formed in 1983 in Germany by Christoph Heemann, Achim Flaam (aka Li Khan) and Andreas Martin. The split album Abwassermusik (Psychout, 1985) introduced their savage experiments at the border between industrial, psychedelic and progressive rock. Im Schatten Der Mohre (1987) succeeded in coining a dadaistic collage of random sounds and noises. Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound ) guested on Melchior (United Diaries, 1986). Subsequent albums refined the concept: Kuettel im Frost (DOM, 1986), Bitte Werfen Sie Ihren Muell Aus Dem Fenster (Freedom in a Vacuum, 1987), Im Schatten Der Moehre (DOM, 1987), Ach Dieser Bart! (Electrip, 1988), The Book of Dingenskirchen (DOM, 1988), Musik fuer Schuhgeschaefte (Dragnet, 1991), Willkuer Nach Noten (Dragnet, 1992), Gegenstaende Fallen Zu Boden (DOM, 1994).
While HNAS was languishing, Heeman began his collaboration with Merzbow with the double album Mimir (Flabbergast, 1989), followed by Mimyriad (Streamline, 1993) and Mimir (Streamline, 1999), both credited to Mimir.
Heeman launched his solo career with the EP Ueber Den Umgang Mit Umgebung und Andere Versuche (Robot, 1992). The albums Unsichtbare Barriere/ Invisibile Barrier (Extreme, 1993), Aftersolstice (Barooni, 1994), Days of the Eclipse (Barooni, 1997) and the EP Magnetic Tape Splicing (Robot, 1997) are no less adventurous than HNAS. Heeman also collaborated with Current 93, Jim O'Rourke, Legendary Pink Dots, Organum, etc.
Heeman formed Mirror with Andrew Chalk in 1999 to play a quieter, ambient-like kind of electronic music. Unfortunately, the duo has been prolific to the point of releasing any idea they toyed with. The resulting albums, Eye of the Storm (Streamline, 1999), Ringstones (Some Fine Legacy, 1999), The View (Three Poplars, 2000), Front Row Center (Die Stadt, 2000), Nightwalkers (Nightwalkers, 2000), Visiting Star (Nightwalkers, 2000), Islands (Die Stadt, 2001), I Paint For Love Of Color (Idea, 2001), Die Spiegelmanufaktur (Die Stadt, 2002), Under the Sun (Durtro, 2002), are mediocre at best.
A piece of art!
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armeur H said...

Amazing ! i was looking for HNAS stuff for years ! Thanks a lot ! Could you do the same with Mimir ? or P Li Khan stuff ?

Anonymous said...

Mimir was a project of Edward Ka-Spel, Silverman and Heemann. Jim O'Rourke joined a boat later. Heemann actually did a record with Masami Akita but it's completely different recording.

RisingRunner said...

Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks muchly !!!

Loopy C said...

Very cool, I saw the cover and immediately thought Nurse With Wound. Thanks for yet another artist, album I had never heard of! I am liking these album a lot.

Keith said...

from not hearing any hnas ... to hearing lots

this blog rules


Mood Organ said...

Very cool album. The Heeman/Merzbow collaboration is called "Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss" and good luck finding it. Mimir is totally different, more pastoral.