Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bernard Vitet - La guepe, LP, France,1971(Futura label)

Mythical avant jazz lp on the rare FUTURA label - part of the contemporary FUTURA SON cat. A truly magical session from Dec. 72 with Bebe Guerin, Jean Guerin, Francoise Achard, Dominique Dalmasso, Jouck Minor, Francois Tusques and Jean-Paul Rondpierre. Some amazingly deep compositions, a must for any serious collector of out-there sounds.SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN NWW LIST!!!!Vite also was also a member of Un Drame Musical Instante!

Note: link removed, as this item is currently in print and can be purchsed directly from the folks at Futura/Marge Here


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your nice blog and all the records you have upload from "futura records",anything else from this label it will be apreciated,thank you very much,keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

hi homie.
this album is been reissued and remastered by the futura label itself.

check it out you know where.. cheers


Anonymous said...

Side 2 only has 13 minutes?

Is something missing?

mutantsounds said...

something is wrong i think here...i will upload a newer version with seperated tracks soon and hope there will be no problem...new links possibly tomorow afternoon

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Great record.

Great blog.

Calagan said...

Hi... I'm a frequent user of the blogspot constellation and I consider this initiative as very important : thanks to you, excellent no-more-edited music appear again on the public sphere. La guêpe is a great recording, but has known a CD release few years ago. It's no more an obscure and rare recording. If you like the music and want to support Bernard Vitet, who lives now in Paris at the age of 75 without any recognition in the music business, please check the Futura / Marge internet site. You can get the disc for 12€ (in France) or 14€ (abroad), shipping fees included.

Michel said...

For my friend Bernard Vitet. Un billet pour mon ami qui vient de nous quitter.