Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ultra-Zoll,LP,1989 ,USA,(HNAS related!)

Their 2nd LP, nice gatefold sleeve. the post-industrial group Ultra consisted of "St. Degeneratus" (Jon Carlson) in collaboration with "Dr. Tengelmann" and "Herr Mücke" (Christoph Heemann & Achim P. Li Khan from H.N.A.S.)
get it here


roach said...

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roach said...

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RisingRunner said...

I am looking forward to hearing this. I love HNAS, but haven't been able to find much of it. I have a number of their LPs, but my turntable is still packed away from the penultimate move.

Thanks, for this (and the Anna Sjalv Tredje) !