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Cardiacs-A little man and a house and the whole world window,LP,UK,1988

Cardiacs were formed by Tim Smith in suburban Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, in 1977. Since then the band line-up has remained fluid, undergoing numerous line-up changes, with Tim's brother Jim Smith being the only other surviving original member, and many previous members appearing now and again for live performances or to help out backstage (and vice versa).
Starting off as Cardiac Arrest, then settling on Cardiacs by the end of 1980. Early releases followed the punk DIY ethic, and included limited runs of the cassette albums The Obvious Identity, Toy World, and The Seaside.
The band's line-up was whittled down throughout 1983 from eight to six (Tim, Jim, Sarah, Bill, Dom, and Tim, the line-up that would remain for the rest of the 1980s). Tim and Sarah got married in July 1983.
In 1984, Cardiacs supported Marillion at the personal request of Marillion’s lead singer Fish. While the tour gave Cardiacs some overdue publicity, Marillion's fanbase took an aversion to them resulting in the band being pelted with a variety of makeshift missiles (including - but not limited to - bottles, batteries and lit cigarettes) on stage. A handful of the current Cardiacs Chatlist regulars were at these early shows and speak unhappily of the reception they were given, especially when someone attempted to set fire to the safety curtain at the Manchester show.
In March 1987 the British tabloid newspaper the Sunday Sport ran a story 'exposing' the supposedly incestuous relationship between Tim and Sarah, mistaking the couple for brother and sister, "In the bizarre world of music.. anything goes - even INCEST." Much of the misunderstanding was perpetuated by Tim himself.
The release of Is This The Life in 1988 saw brief chart success and the attention of a wider audience, as the single reached the Indie top ten in the UK. By the end of 1990, the band had slimmed down to a four piece, using a backing tape for live shows. In 1995 much of the Cardiacs back catalogue was re-released on CD.
For several years, Cardiacs have been playing a regular annual gig in London. This usually takes place towards the end of the year and is regarded as a major Cardiacs event, attended by fans of all ages (as most long-standing Cardiacs fans now have children of their own) from all over the world.
The last official release of new Cardiacs material was in 1999 with the album Guns. According to the Cardiacs official website, a new album is in preparation - a track from which was included on the 2002 Greatest Hits compilation. A two volume set of recordings from the three shows at the Highbury Garage in November 2003 was released in the beginning of September 2005, and is available from All My Eye and Betty Martin Music (along with other recordings from the likes of William D Drake and Spratleys Japs).
The band has enjoyed a quiet renaissance lately thanks to You Tube where the bizarre 1987 video for "Tarred and Feathered" - shot for Channel 4's music show The Tube, and strikingly similar to the surreal comedy of Channel 4's own comedy show Absolutely - has become a popular attraction along with other past Cardiacs and associates' clips (including "Is This The Life?")
(From Wikipedia)
Reminds me of... Madness, Uz Jsme Doma, The Pixies, maybe Oingo Boingo at times...all in one... it's hard to explain. It's very experimental; poppy yet not easily accessible. It's very fun to listen to, probably impossible to dance to. It's like ska, if ska were psychedelic punk having sex with an avant-garde rocker. I really hate genres...Recommended for: anyone who like punk, ska, psychedelic rock, or any kind of jumpy music, and has an open mind.
Cardiacs are a totally unique band that few have heard. A Little Man And A House... is their first album proper and it's a real gem. The rest of their output is not bad either. Visit:

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This album is great, but check out their full on barmy peak in "On land and in the sea", and you have to track down their amazing and disturbing live video "Maresnest" which shows that they could pull it off live too.

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Hey, thanks to finding all discography of CARDIACS, i think i'll do all in a 2,3 days...i can upload and help you if you on myspace.....

see ya and thanks!

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The link is dead :(

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The link is dead :(

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would also love to hear this...

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Link's dead. Any chance of a reup?

William III said...

This Cardiacs' "Little Man and a House" is spectacular, sensational, scintillating, and on up. "In a city lining" and "Icing on the world" are staggering, that is, I am staggering backwards when assaulted by these momentous sound waves. An all-time landmark of music. I'd thank you but I am dead -- and reborn. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I couldn't get the original upload but I made a new MP3 set from the 1988 CD.


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Thank you