Saturday, February 3, 2007

Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - Ame Debout ,1971,France (NWW list!)

And here comes the "desert"!
Magnificent as always!
The wind is blowing, Catherine is singing and the music reaches new levels. It is touching and dark just like Nick Drake. Still it is so experimental and it works really good. Many worlds come together on this album. Makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes. I have been wanting to hear for ages!
However, I noticed the 1st track has some buzzing/clicking like the cdr is skipping. Any chance this can be fixed? if not, I am still a happy man. keep up the beautiful work that you are doing.


mutantsounds said...

sorry no time right now to do so...possibly at a later time

eric said...

thank for catherine ribeiro, great, great beautiful woman and so beautiful voice!

Anonymous said...

Man these are beautiful.
Thanks for every thing you do. This blog is an education!

Anonymous said...

Amazing record- thanks so much!
If you have a chance, would you please re-rip the first track for us?

Again, thanks for so much amazing music. I'll repeat what the last comment said: this blog is an EDUCATION!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Your blog exposed me to this amazing music and Im greatful. I downloaded this long ago and still was hoping for a copy without the digital clipping in the first track. I'll send you one of my fingers in the mail if need be

Elliot Knapp said...

Such a great album! This is when free music sharing is a good thing--when will somebody wise up and reissue this awesome music so more people can get in on the awesomeness. Just reviewed this one too on my blog.