Saturday, February 3, 2007

Alrune Rod - Hej Du!, LP, 1971, Denmark

Here's their 2nd(and best ) LP from 1971.
In the late '60s and early '70s, Denmark was full of psychedelic bands, and a few prog rock bands as well. Many of these were the type that were not uncommon to be seen performing at Christiania (an intentional community started in 1971 at Copenhagen, from the remains of an abandoned military base). Certain bands/artists included Steppeulvene (translated as Steppenwolf, but has absolutely nothing to do, musically, or musicians involved, with the well-known American band), Ache, Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Gasolin', TømrerClaus (Claus Pedersen), Secret Oyster, and many more. Alrune Rod is another, and their second album, Hej Du is a prime example of prog/psych from Denmark. In fact it's really hard distinguishing the prog from the psych on this album, you can comfortably call it proto-prog. This album sorta reminds me of a Danish Pink Floyd, especially when they go off on those psychedelic explorations. The band at the time consisted of:
Leif Roden: vocals, bass and acoustic guitar
Giese: vocals and guitar
Pastor Ziegler: vocals, organ, and piano
Karsten Høst: drums, percussion
Claus From: drums, percussion on "Perlesøen"
The album consists of only three, lengthy cuts, allowing the band to streatch out and explore. The album opens with the title track and it's by far the most accessible cut on the album. This is proof of what proto-progressive was all about (not abandoning its psychedelic roots). Parts of the song even features "I Am the Walrus"-like phasing, which is a bit odd for a 1970 recording, but they did it. The next song is "Du Taler Og Sir'", where the band starts becoming more adventurous. The music has some space rock tendencies, especially the Pink Floyd-like organ. After the organ experiment, then the band goes in to an intense jam. The album then ends with the side length suite, "Perlesøen". This is an odd piece, because while the first several minutes, the band is still exploring their brand of psych/prog, the middle part really goes off the deep end, where everything slows down, and starts sounding something like experimental Pink Floyd, or what certain Krautrock bands, such as Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel, etc., were doing at that time. Overall, a fine example of what the Danish hippie rock scene had to offer us.


john said...

Another winner! Don't know yet which one I like best, but these first two Alrune Rod lp's are great. How's the third?

Sheldon Nuremberg said...

Aah! The link does not work.