Saturday, February 3, 2007

Seatrain-2, LP,1970, USA

Following my previous Seatrain post ,find here their 2nd awesome LP from 1970.


Anonymous said...

I love this band! I couldn't remember the name for years and just discovered it again today. My parents had this LP when I was growing up. Great record.

Anonymous said...

Seatrain included folkie Peter Rowan and several former members of The Blues Project. I went with a gang of friends see them at Stonehenge -- a small rock club in Ipswitch, MA -- in the Spring of 1971 or 72. We were so blown away by their long and intricate flute and electric violin solos and improvisations (which the albums only hint at) that we returned the following night -- this time properly kitted out with windowpane. As they say... "Oh what a night!" Almost 40 years later it is still a remarkable memory.