Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Chinaboise - The greatest story ever told , LP, USA,1975 ,(pre mx80)

"Massive, historically brain-erasing issue of this pre-MX-80 one-shot from vocalist and conceptualist Rich Stim. Some great pre-punk weirdness in here, mixed in with temporally out-of-place psychedelic jazz and waltz-timings that have the feel of void-gobbling private press sides by goners like Music Emporium and Linda Perhacs crossed with blats of brass, a wry vocal style that comes over something like Lou Reed circa "Andy's Chest" or a pro-Mo Velvets and a dynamite approach to scientific American experimentation that sounds like a gaggle of Modern Lovers fans cutting demos for the Los Angeles Free Music Society. Plenty of great 'songs', prank calls, miniature radio actions and some killer free-metal guitar courtesy of MX-80's Bruce Anderson. Also features Dave Mahoney, Holly Thomison, Kim Torgerson, Steve Hoy, Rich Fish, Carolyn Boner and Brad Fox. Sleeve notes feature an interview with Stim by Eddie Flowers of Crawlspace/Slippytown. Only one track previously available in any form. Chris Stigliano of the great Black To Comm zine/ Blog To Comm site has already dubbed this archival dig of the year and Byron Coley and Thurston Moore give it fat thumbs in their Bull Tongue column in Arthur too. Highest recommendation."
from Volcanic Tongue (UK)


wieL said...

As a great MX-80 sound fan from the beginning, I didn't know of the existence of this piece.
Thank you very much!
I love that voice.

Cary Grant said...

i fuckin love this album...

Cary Grant said...

nice blog dude! i fuckin love this album!

Anonymous said...

Great disk.

Currently available on CD: http://cdbaby.com/cd/chinaboise

and licensed download:


Jim Slip said...

Thanks for this.