Tuesday, February 6, 2007

East Bionic Symphonia - Recorded Live (July 13, 1976), LP, 1976, Japan, (NWW list!)

Not really a proper band, but a temporary musical presentation staged for the graduation of Kazuo Imai and fellow students from the art school workshops of Takehisa Kosugi . These concerts of collective free-improvisation were called East Bionic Symphonia. They made a live recording, ‘Recorded Live’ [ALM, 1976], featuring 10 members playing all manner of instruments and objects over 2 lengthy jams. This sounds very much like a largely mellow Taj Mahal Travellers . After this, the group seems to have dissolved, with Imai playing with the Kosugi-less Taj Mahal Travellers and later with a variety of other avant-garde musicians. Another EBS member, Chie Mukai, went on to form her own ‘folk-psych’ group Che-SHIZU.


Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome! I've been looking for this East Bionic album for awhile now! Thank you!

Pieter said...

Thanks a lot for this rarity

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I had this on cassette only for years. THANK YOU for this amazing blog!!!


colmschate said...

this is not the original record and sleeve. the original record has a red label and the sleeve has alm records and the labelnumber on the frontcover. it also has an insert and a black innersleeve. the music is great. i have an original copy of the record.