Friday, February 16, 2007

Cortex-Spinal Injuries,LP, 1983(recorded in 1981),Sweden

The Swedish New Wave band Liket Lever transformed into Cortex 1979/80. Freddie Wadling(also in the same time t Lether Nun and later Formed Blue For Two) is the only lasting member - the line up changed constantly.
On their debut album, Spinal Injuries (recorded 1981, released 1983), they were a quintet: Wadling, Wall, Svensson, Jörneryd and Örtendahl. Heavy on Kraut and Hawkwind influences, they didn't sound like the average New Wave band.
On their next release, Live at Urania (recorded October 1983, released as cassette 1983 and reissued as LP 1990), the line up has changed totally: Wadling, Westergren, Strauss and Hutha.
On their last album, You Can't Kill The Boogeyman, the line up was Wadling, Wall(again), Lidgaard, Andersson, Karlsson and Söderholm.

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Slobodan Burgher said...

YES! My all time favorite record by a Swedish band EVER! Yes, I am quite serious too. Well I have been championing this record for so long (on my blog) and until recently you could get it from me too but some arsehole deleted it with all my other rs shit so...well thanks for spreading this greatly underrated band!

And also if you happen to have Live at Urania (my version is a bit dodgy) and / or the second LP (Boogieman) and would be so kind and upload it...welll then you are a fucking star!!! (Drop me a comment or something on my blog if you have any of these, I am very happy to trade some uploads / requests so...)

See ya 'round,

Slobodan Burgher

only in it for the music blog

Desperate Future said...

i agree with everything the above poster has said.

this has been a favorite of mine for a very long time.

after 8 years of searching, thanks to the marvels of the internet, i have secured 3 copies of this record on vinyl..

Also got a copy of live in urania..that one is actually harder to find...but a little better than spinal in some respect.

freddie wadling is a treasure.

Anonymous said...

"secured" 3 copies of the same record??
Whats is this compulsion or something?maaaybe there are people out there who want actually to "secure" just one themselves..
Darn with types like you the furure is desperate!

(at least I know where the last very
expensive copies of a famous record trader went)

Scarlet Glasses said...

I've just listened Jesus i betong by Cortex and it made on me great impression! I'm going to search for more scandinavian cold wave and post punk bands.