Friday, February 16, 2007

Cultural Amnesia-Collective from GG,Tape,UK

Cultural Amnesia are an English post-punk group first active between 1979 and 1983. During this first period they released three cassette albums: Video Rideo (1981), The Uncle of the Boot (1983) and Sinclair's Luck (1983) and contributed to a number of compilations. Working in the wake of the early industrial bands, CA's output is very diverse, ranging from ambient soundscapes to synthpop, but it can be broadly characterised as song-based electronic music, normally making use of synthesizer, drum machine and guitar. Very early on in his career they worked with the late Geff Rushton (John Balance) of Coil, who wrote a handful of songs for them and who was an important supporter and enabler. After fifteen years of silence the band produced three new tracks in 1998. Recent years have seen a return to sustained activity and some small-scale releases of old and new material. The CA website is a very full source of information on the band's output, both released and unreleased, with a number of tracks available for download. The site is a useful resource for those wanting to know more about the UK cassette scene of the late '70s and early '80s.
This one here is a collection from their tapes 1981-83 and 3 songs from the 1998 reunion.A friend passed it to me in CD-r not know if it's official release ,i think it doesn't.Had no pic sleeve just a plain peper with the infos written in the enclosed info file.Any extr infos on this will be apprecited....Official or not this one is great!

get it here


mike said...

Cool stuff, thanks. Their official website at has many of these tracks and a few more for download. Also some valuable history to fill in some gaps.

Anonymous said...

Was listening to this today. Very nice! I wish that beatbox were still used in music today. i love that sound.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for them and now it's done thanx very much, this post is amazing especially the tracks " scars for e"

el sumo

GG said...

There are a couple of reissue albums out now. See the CA site.