Sunday, February 4, 2007

Konstruktivists - Psykho-Genetika, LP,1983, UK

KONSTRUKTIVISTS formed in 1982, based around Glenn Michael Wallis, who was a roadie/touring mate of THROBBING GRISTLE and sometime member of WHITEHOUSE. KONSTRUKTIVISTS were a psychotronic group that focused on spacy electronic reverberations and more accessable beat-oriented material that was unquestionably a major influence on some of the later 'industrial dance' acts. Having recorded the now-sought-after early vinyl LPs like 1983's 'Psykho-Genetika' on underground labels like Third Mind, the group eventually went into a sort of hibernation from 1985 to 1990. Emerging in 1990 with refreshed lineup, the group released a stream of electronic CDs on labels like the UK's Jara Discs and World Serpent. These were more techno-influenced works that were met with mostly indifference, likely due to lack of promotion and publicity. KONSTRUKTIVISTS continue on today with Wallis being the sole member. A variety of CD reissues of their early work have been released, so the wonder of KONSTRUKTIVISTS can be felt all over again.

An industrial masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

to exo kai ego ayto to lp kai distixos to akousa 3-4 fores mono
to eixa gia na dioxno apo to spiti
anepithimitous filous
exo ti periergeia an mporeis na to akouseis pleon

GRK. said...

Another terrific Steven Stapleton cover painting! Ace.

Loki said...

this is rapidly turning into my favourite new blog...brilliant stuff.. cheers! i've been wondering what these fellahs sounded like every since the first edition of the MUsic From the Empty Quarter mag...

Anonymous said...

Wanted to hear this for years. I really wish it would be more widely available. For some reason, track 5 has a very, very loud glitch/skip and track 9 cuts off abruptly. I don't know if it's supposed to sound like that, but I expect not.

bleak netlabel said...

Konstruktivists played a concert recently (October 2009) in Vienna- an official recording of the show can be downloaded (or streamed) with permission from the artists from the Bleak Netlabel (link below).
It was an evening hosted by Klanggalerie and Bleak. The second part of that evening, Nocturnal Emissions live, was also recorded and will be released on Bleak next month (November 2009).

Konstruktivists played very rare songs, including a mix-up of "I'm Coming Round Your House" (featured on the super rare Whitehouse tribute CD) and "Andropov '84".