Sunday, February 4, 2007

Rock Critics- Pile ou Face, LP, 1981, France

This is the band by Luc Marianni with Magma members! Excellent experimental/minimal synth stuff!
Note that the tracks are not seperated, ripped as 2 long tracks (one for each side).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Rock Critics album! I really enjoyed it. Likewise, thanks for turning me on to Luc Marianni in general, the stuff you've posted has been great.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites that you have posted! It is so cool! Thanks for such a great one!

Luc Marianni said...

Just a little thing:There are no Magma members in this lp, just
Pierre Tassone, Jean François Papin, Laurent Buvry et Luc Marianni
Tahnk you for your blog

luc marianni le 27/8/08

vdoandsound said...

Hi Luc,

I'm delighted to see you post a comment! I've long been a great admirer of your work and am glad to know that you're okay with having your work posted here. Actually, I'm not the one that posted this particular Rock Critics LP with the statement about it containing Magma members (that was my blog partner Jim, who's away from the blog for a while), but happy to see the correction made. Interesting coincidence that you wrote when you did actually, as I was planning on posting Six Synthetic Suites within the next 7-10 days.

Best regards,