Friday, April 20, 2007


Agencement is Hideaki Shimada, violin(s) and electronics.Hideaki Shimada was born 1962, in Kanazawa, Japan. He was involved in violin improvisation since 1980. In 1985 he started solo project Agencement where he creates multi-layered violin improvisation and record them on magnetic tape. In his live performances he use amplified violin and electronic equipment.
Excellent stuff!
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Anonymous said...

This is Pico-02. Both Pico-01 and Pico-02 are self-titled. Do you also have Pico-01 to share? Great minimalist artist. Great albums.

Anonymous said...

There Should be borders between making music and fixing broken machines.I admire also minimalistic stuff but this one?
I really don't understand why this one is a really great stuff.
I wonder how is he in his Life

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, could you please repost? Thanks!