Thursday, April 19, 2007


Often hauntingly beautiful enigmatic, ritualistic soundscapes for invented language, tribal percussion and strange synth textures. Homler emerged from an L.A. milieu of the mid 80's that seemed as tied to the performance art culture of the era as L.A.'s musical underground, her performances often transpiring in gallery settings with Homler playing the character Breadwoman and singing in her barrier-erasing holistic language from behind a mask made of bread.

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Anonymous said...

Missing track 11 : Dō Ya Sa´ Di Dō (4:05) ?

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-just downloaded it to check. All 11 tracks are there. Dunno what happened on your end.

Anonymous said...

vdoandsound - I don't know much from Anna Homler, but of what I heard it really moved me!

It's quite difficult to keep track with your immense output here on Mutant, and I'm sure more than just a few of your wonderful shares are getting unnoticed - well, I'm speaking for myself actually.

You all are doing an incredible job here - I think you know that! But to provide pics of all the cover art you take by yourselves, all this heavy heavy work of ripping vinyl ... gosh, you really must be some lovely Mutants!

I appreciate your work - as so many do!

Big cheers to you, guys! ;)

Anonymous said...

well, i finally downloaded it myself, and the thing anon probably meant is - there ARE 11 tracks in the file in apple-format, but only 10 of them are windows-compatible... (i don't think windows-users are shit - i'm one myself - but we simply can't deal with 70kb-files (the "._"-ones)...

but i don't really care. you, vdoandsound, provided this fantastic music, and i simply wanna thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Please re post DO YA SA DI DO, IF YOU CAN. Thanks.