Friday, April 20, 2007

Brume - Unrelated Landscape ,tape,1990,France

French sound-sculptor Christian Renou, who has recorded under the moniker Brume from 1985 to 2001, is heir to the glorious traditions of musique concrete and sound collage. His compositions (that treat, assemble and mix acoustic sounds) rely on dense, rapid-fire montage. They wed cacophony and dynamics, emphasizing both the element of discontinuity and the element of continuity. Compared with classical musique concrete, they harbor a "negative" virus that would be at home both in German expressionism and in British punk-rock. Brume exploits the technique of Mnemonists and the aesthetics of Einsturzende Neubauten. He produced about 40 cassettes, including Frikture (Brume, 1985), Le Jour Du Cochon (1986), Program T.4 (1986), In Death We Trust (Underground, 1988), Poison (R.R. Production, 1988), Catalogue (Brume, 1988), Permafrost (1988), Tribalit‚s urbaines (Brume, 1988), Climatiseur (1989), Temporary Pigments (Old Europa Cafe, 1989), Headache (Organic, 1989), Accident de Chasse (Tonspur, 1989), The Sun (Old Europa Cafe, 1990), Unrelated Landscape (Audiofile, 1990), Autoportrait (La Legende Des Voix, 1991), Electrocoagulation (Irre, 1991), Schiluuk (Corrosive, 1991), Epineuse (De Fabriek, 1991), Recifs (Audiofile, 1991), Iswari (SPH, 1991), I'm...I Come...I Was... (Tonspur, 1992), Apocalypse at 6 AM (Tapes for Masses, 1993), Musique Pour Les Etres Humains (Old Europa Cafe, 1994), N-N-N (Anachronismus, 1994), Mammut (Prion, 1995), Stable (Bandaged Hand, 1995), The Emancipated Cell At The Fire Wheel Confines (Realization, 1995), Drone Gymnastic (Bandaged Hand, 1995), The Dark Tapes (Nuit et Bruillard, 1996).
The EP Anastomose (Ant-zen, 1996) and the album Starving Vrischika (Old Europa Cafe, 1999) inaugurated his major season. No-Body (La Legende Des Voix, 1991) was typical of his works for electronics, noise and percussion, which continued with No-Thing (Staalplaat, 1991), Battery Hens Sabotage (Old Europa Cafe, 1992), Xeros (Staalplaat, 1993), Permafrost (Art Direct, 1994), Standard (ND, 1994), Drafts of collisions (Crowd Control Activities, 1997), Normal (Relapse, 1999), Frameworks (Freedom in a Vacuum, 1999), and Krieg (Intransitive, 1999), dedicated to World War II.
Zona Ventille (Elsie and Jack, 2001) was the first album released under his own name. Play:lunch (Plate Lunch, 2001) was a collaboration with Philippe Blanchard. Fragments and Articulations (Ground Fault, 2002) a three-part concrete symphony designed with help from a computer.
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Anonymous said...

Only was able to extract tracks 1-6 from archive; got error message that track 7 is corrupt.

mutantsounds said...

try repair archive option fro winrar

Anonymous said...

Great! That worked, thanks...and the Brume tape is top notch!

Anonymous said...

Brume is one of the greatest, but also least appreciated, experimentalists of the last century. He works with noise, electro-acoustics, ambient, and everything in between; and he works with all of them equally as greatly. It took him a while to hone and develop his voice, but his skill became unmatched. If you want to hear the pinnacle of his work, find the Normal CD on Release/Relapse.

phil said...

hi there - phil from elsieandjack recordings here - your info is incorrect - the zona ventille cd was the final brume release, not the first renou... i've seen this text somewhere else.
by the way, christian's new cd is out now check our webpage - many thanks!