Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Catalogue-Antwerpen Live 11 Aug. 1979 1.30 H Belgie,LP,1979,Belgium

Obscure LP by an early quintet version of this group, recorded live in Belgium, 8/11/79: Jac Berrocal (tp, voice, trombone), Jean-Francois Pauvros (guitar), Patrick Prado (sax, harmonium, voice), Michel Potage (voice, guitar, plastic saxophone), Jean-Pierre Arnoux (drums). Outstanding free-rock cacophony, much more wasted than their later efforts (the Hat Hut box or Insomnie), and a thrill to hear.Note that the tracks are not divided ,ripped as 2 tracks(side 1 and 2).
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Jordan said...

fyi...this has been released on cd.

mutantsounds said...

fyi too....this cd reissue by Spalax you talk about is long out of print

Anonymous said...

cool cover photos on this one.

Does anybody know a place on the internet where I can buy a good sounding plastic saxaphone? :-)

And Mutant Sounds, I think it's great that you have been using Sharebee a lot more lately. I think Sharebee is currently the best things for music blogs at the moment.


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please reup this!!!

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Any chance of a repost?