Monday, April 16, 2007

Cosmos Factory-A Journey With The Cosmos Factory,LP,1975,Japan

The starting line-up of this unique Japanese progrock band is: Tsutomu Izumi (keyboards, Moog synthesizer, vocals), Hisashi Mizutani (guitar, vocals), Toshkazu Taki (bass, vocals), Kazuo Okamoto (drums & percussion) and Misao on violin. They made a serie of albums in the Seventies with every time another sound: the debut album "An Old Castle of Transylvania" (’73) sounds like early FLOYD/VANILLA FUDGE, the third album "Black Hole" (75) is more in the vein of complex KING CRIMSON (nerve-racking FRIPPERIAN play), the second LP "The journey.." sound rather weird and freaky and their fourth entitled "Metal Reflection" is, as the title suggests, pure hardrock/metal.(from Cities in flame blog ,that it's links to Cosmos factory posts seem to be dead).

On their second album Cosmos Factory mentioned on the cover instruments like self-made symphonizer, tape effects, talking bag, funny cat, hitting a door and synthesized voice .. so prepare for a hypnotizing trip to a psychedelic world! Indeed, most pieces sound a bit freaky and psychedelic but some songs are more symphonic rock like the dreamy The Sea (early Pink Floyd sound) and Journey Of No Destination (great soaring Hammond organ). The opener Sunday's Happening has some bizarre parts and Hiver and Daydream are on the edge of nerveracking music, you have to be up to this kind of music. A bit too complex and experimental but at least you can say that this is adventurous progressive music.

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Neroon001 said...

just found your blog today what a collection!!! I did download this album but there are some tracks with errors when using winrar to unzip/unpack the file