Monday, April 16, 2007

DG307-Dar Stinum(LP ,1979)+Ptak Utrzenej Ze Retezu(LP,1979)+Umele Ochuceno(LP,1992),Czech

Originators of Czech underground (together with Plastic People which is just a small personal modification of DG307, as well as later bands Garaz and Pulnoc). Successful comeback in the late 90's with the leader Pavel Zajicek as the only member of the original group.
Members: Pavel Zajicek voc(1-8); Jiří Kabes vln(1-5); Milan Hlavsa bg(1-5); Ivo Pospisil gt(1-5); Vratislav Brabenec sax(1-5); Michaela Nemcova voc(5); Eva Turnova bg,voc(7,8); Pavel Ciganek vln,gt,voc(7,8); Antonin Korb dr,voc(7); Tomas Schilla cello(7,8); Tobias Jirous dr(8); Josef "Bobes" Rössler kb, klarinet(8); David Machacek gt (8)
Regular albums:
1. DG307 (1973-75) (LP Globus International 1990, CD 1991)
2. Dar stinum (Globus 1992, recordings from Spring1979)
3. Ptak utrzenej ze retezu (Globus 1992, recordings from Fall 1979)
4. Torzo (Globus 1992, recordings from Summer 1980)
5. Umele ochuceno (Ujezd 1992)
6. Kniha psana chaosem (Globus 1996)
7. Siluety (Indies 1998)
8. Koncert (1999)
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Laurent said...

Thank you very much for the DG307 music. I'm familiar with Plastic People's discs, but not with DG307. 1979 'Dar Stinum' is fantastic, I love the shoutings on last track! Here's a link to a PowerPoint presentation (!) re DG307 in which you can find big pictures of album covers and some info in czech:

Over the Moon said...

The DG307 shit is whack. Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, find DG 307 "Torzo" (1980) here:
pw: TromaVille13

helga gruel

Jim said...

Whats the password?

vdoandsound said...

jim-there isn't one. Neither of us that post here ever use them.