Thursday, April 19, 2007

Din a Testbild-Programm 1 & 2,MLPs,1980/1981,Germany

I think you all are aware of this band.Experimental/minimal electronics sometimes spacey released 4 LPs on Klaus Schulze 's Innovative Communication label.Amongst members were Frieder Butzmann and Mark Eins.
get those here


V said...

yes, we are... 10+++

fuzztunnel said...

I'm getting an unexpected "end of file" error- has this happened to anyone else?

fuzztunnel said...

sorry about my last comment- it works fine once i downloaded it again---

Donut Duck said...

Holy cow! Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these.
I remember borrowing Din A Testbild Program 2 way back.I put it on at 33 rpm(by mistake) since I thought it was an album,and thought it sounded more amazing than when my buddy played it at 45 rpm.
Try giving it a try Mr.Mutant sound.
If you like it,any chance of you posting it here at 33rpm's also.
All the best .Mike