Sunday, April 8, 2007

Eric's BACK!

We are all very glad to see Eric's back,and with reat posts too!Welcome back Eric.Just one day away with no posts and i'm really feeling a bit sad that i cannot make new posts from here.Looking fwd to come back and start posting again(wel i will start with a new mega-post of course:)).
Happy Easter to all
Jim Mutantsounds


Ricardo Mann said...

Congratulations for the wonderful blog. Do you have an Art Zoyd cassete called "L'etrangleur est derriere nous"?
If positive would you like to post here? I will be very glad.
All the best!!

Anonymous said...

Eric & Jim,

Thanks so much for all the new posts this week and weekend!

It was a bad week for computer problems - I haven't been able to update my blog forever due to slow (16K dial-up) connection.

Therefore, I haven't been able to download any of your new posts yet (hopefully none of the links will be dead anytime soon).

But, I want to thank you for all the new stuff, and especially for all those old, rare cassette-only releases!

Kind Regards,


fuzztunnel said...

Just relax and enjoy your vacation, Mutant... we'll be here when you get back!