Sunday, April 15, 2007

Etat Brut-EB001,tape,1980,Belgium

Etat Brut is Belgian pioneer noise music band that operated from 1979 until 1984. They released 13 cassettes and various flyers and xeroxed booklets.
Members are 2 science teachers, both called Philippe.
They are closely related to Club Moral, another Belgian pioneer noise music band.
Most of their releases are available through the Club Moral Stocklist podcast.
This is their very first release.No pic sleeve scans...would appreciate a litle help on this!
Go here for more Etat Brut(amongst others) goodies.

get it here


DDV said...

The tape was released in november 1980 in an edition of 100. It came in a plastic bag with some xeroxes. Club Moral re-released it in 1986. It will be featured in a next episode of the podcast.
A picture of the original cassette, an accompanying xerox and the re-release cover are here.

M.G.T. said...

Thank you very much for posting all those adorably obscure BeNeLux artists!

It'd be indeed swell to have more of Etat Brut's tapes. - Is there a chance you might have any more for upload, or know where to find some to download?