Friday, April 6, 2007

Françoise Barrière - Ritratto Di Giovane ,part of a 3LP box(1st LP),1976,France

"A sound is never heard in the same way from one listener to another and even from one listening to another. Our past gives each sound an emotional and psychological significance ... "Françoise Barrière is a composer of electroacoustic music. She has been a driving force in the development and administration of the international electronic music institute, competition, and festival of the Groupe de Musique Experimentale de Bourges (GMEB). She is also an editor and writer, responsible for the annual volume of works of the International Academy of Electroacoustic Music (Bourges). She also manages Mnemosyne Musique Media, publisher of the Cultures Electroniques and Chrysopee Electronique CD collections. Her music is widely heard in festivals, concerts and radio.She lives and works in Bourges, France.

NOTE!this is LP1(actually Mini LP) of 3LP box with Christian Clozier ,and it's Francoise Barriere 's part.Unfortunatelly missing the 2 other LPs by Christian Clozier.
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frostymug said...

I have this 3 LP Boxset and have ripped it to 256 Kbps MP3s. I'd love to share it and have you post it on your blog. However, I don't have any way to contact you except this comment. I will check back here later to see if you are interested.