Saturday, April 21, 2007


Strange, eerie and...yes, psychedelic, but not in the normally anticipated sense. This very rare library issue album instead offers a sort of horror movie soundtrack-oriented tripout, full of reverbed and echoed detuned piano chords resounding against the sounds of abuse of the strings therein, watery electronic treatments, bits of jazz drumming and tribal drumming interspersing and an overall atmosphere of unsettlingly freaky vibes, at points edging toward Igor Wakhevitch territory.

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Anonymous said...

This thing is really marvelous ...(I think so anyway, based on side one of the LP)`s only half here !

SIDE TWO , please Mr . Bleau ?


Anonymous said...

My error... (i just saw the LP cover pic) it IS the full album at 24 minutes.

incredible! but hell, QUALITY over quantity any day....(and this is a great one !)

i had read on some discography listing that there should be 20 songs & 40 min
.... soooo, either they got it wrong, or is there possibly a Vol 2 ?


Leo said...

I'd love to hear this. Wondering if a reup would be possible? Thanks.

- Leo

4th Assassin said...

Any chance for a reup?