Friday, April 13, 2007


Fractured and fucked in ways too numerous to accurately iterate, Ivor Axeglovitch (a band, not a person) were Denmark's contribution to an as-yet-unnamed musical continuum informed by a 1970's lived to the tune of Beefheart and Ralph Records (a continuum whose U.S. counterparts would be Steaming Coils, The Blitzoids, Bomis Prendin, To Nije Sala, Buxinrut and the like). Though for my money the more tightly crafted Heads Off! wins by a...well...head over their 100 copy debut LP Montarsi, both of these are object lessons in gloriously lopsided spasming art rock lunacy that should make the day/week/year of anyone deeply invested in the notion that godheads pop up like fungi under the combined gravitational pull of planets Beefheart and Ralph.

Get Montarsi La Testa Here

Get Heads Off! Here



hi, mutants...
instead fo posting the next ripp to my own blog I've decided to spend time compiling the one to you... cause I wonder , I really do, where the fuck are these rarities and not so rare but not less interesting vinyl pieces been taken from... I tried to track down some, with some I successed, with most I faild... but it cost a lot and it's so difficult to find even if money is not a problem... of cource, in Moscow you (me) are sort of isolated... I mean there is hardly several stores practicing ebay corner or taking tours to Europian flea markets... but still... I wonder, how it's possible to track down all these exactly consistent amount of records and post these with such speed?

Anonymous said...

I hear some Pere Ubu here though it may only be the Helium vocals. I'm never sure what I think of some of this stuff. Some of the crinkle crakle sounds annoy (I'm not a big fan of glitch) and I can't handle those songs which sound as though there were dust on your old phono needle.
But the vocals and the dada-rock sensibitliy may win me over. I prefer wacky over pretentious anyday.

vdoandsound said...

said-Where are these items coming from? Our collections, obviously. As for how or why, the answer is that we're both obsessed and insane :-)

Funkpunk-Crinkle crackle, glitch and dust on my needle? I've downloaded and diligently sifted through both albums based on your comments and can find nothing of which you speak, unless you mean the distortion on track three of Heads Off, which is intentional and part of the composition. I'd suggest checking your speakers and cables.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar copy, but mine is not mummereret */100 and has no signatures, there is someone who knows how many copy'er it's made in.?

Anonymous said...

I have both of these and one more by them under the name I. Raschencko- I used to know a guy who worked together with one from the band. They did not play many concerts, but I attended three, all of which were remarkable experiences.
I did not think there existed any unsigned and unnumbered copies of montarsi la testa.
Are these actually collectors' items? I thought they were just weird personal souvenirs of mine: