Saturday, April 14, 2007


Utterly demented sounding spluttering and gooning semi-rock improvisations of a distinctly Beefheartian sort (or more specifically, a post-Beefheartian by way of Hans Buhrs sort) intercut with more freeform bits, all presented in a fashion designed for maximum inscrutability. A treasure from a long forgotten arcane current of the 90's German underground.


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Anonymous said...

Downloaded Lemke/Muller twice and it won't extract properly (not with 7zip, Winzip or WinRAR).

Maybe I'm the only one?

Anonymous said...

No problem over here, 7-zip works all right. Go to the correct level folder and unpack the mp3's, afterwards unpack the two pictures.

Good luck,

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-I've left this same message on the Rudi Burr/Reznicek comment board:

7-Zip is usually the answer in these situations, so I really don't know what to suggest here. I've downloaded both the Rudi Burr/Reznicek
and Lemke/Muller CD's to check and both opened fine on my mac. If anyone out there knows what is causing these problems with downloads for Windows users, please speak up. All I'm doing is taking .aif files recorded and edited in Peak from a USB line-in turntable, dragging them into iTunes, converting them to MP3's therein, titling them and zipping them up with photos, so dunno where this problem is arising from...