Sunday, April 15, 2007


On my short lists for both the best electronic music of all time and best hallucinogen fodder of all time, the latter seemingly at complete odds with Asmus Tietchens' statement that his work would only be responsible for bad trips (I paraphrase here), but there ya go. Then again, (as I'd stated in my posting of MVL's Ou Wirnith a short while back) he's also repeatedly denied being responsible for either MVL or it's related project Werkbund, despite it having been pretty clearly determined by now that both feature Tietchens in collaboration with Ulli Rehberg. As Soma pointed out in the comments on my prior MVL posting, there is a highly ludicrous invented backstory for these two albums (one I'd not been aware of previously) which goes like this, quoting Soma: "Apparently, von Leusch was a student of Oskar Sala. She discovered music scores from the submerged city of Rungholt (which actually existed) and decided to reconstruct this "lost" music through electronic means. This became her life's work and the two albums were published posthumously." As an interesting footnote, not only does the CD version of this album (dating from the same period) have a different mix than this LP does, but according to a contact of mine, there is yet another CD issue (in a card sleeve) with yet another alternate mix, none of this noted anywhere. The vinyl has the choice mix for me, so here it is.

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somaboy mx said...

thanks for posting this!

i wasn't aware that the lp contains a different mix (i own the cd), although often it makes sense to create separate masters for vinyl and cd.

i've never heard of the cardboard sleeve edition. but since it isn't listed in the walter ulbricht schallfolien catalog it must either be a bootleg or a promotional edition for press and radio stations.

there is also a spoof documentary about mechthild von leusch. i've never seen it, but if someone has more info on that please share!

somaboy mx said...

after listening to this lp rip, i must say the difference to the CD version is staggering!

the lp version has a very wet sound with lots of hall reverb and so on, while the cd version sounds very dry by comparison.

i prefer this version.

Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing. I love them both.

Also, could you please post albums at a faster rate? I mean I know you only have so many in your collection, but since I quit my job to keep up with you I need more than 10 a day, thanks.

j/k, you're insane.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for these posts!We once had those albums on CDs and it's real miracle to hear them in the new era!SteelyDaniel.Moscow