Monday, April 16, 2007


One More Grain is a new very good sounding band from UK.They released their debut LP Pigeon English a few days ago and after Daniel's kind request we are reviewing it here.

Here's what the press wrote:

"One More Grain are a strange bunch" - The Guardian. "So special....fantastic and utterly unmissable" - Whisperin & Hollerin. "This is psychogeography with trumpets and sumptuous locked down grooves... a ramble through the dales with accompaniment courtesy of New Orleans and Detroit." - PlayLouder. "Great English talent...4/5" - The Sunday Times on Pigeon English. "Weird yet wonderful" - Drowned in Sound. "Go. Seek. Buy. This record feels like the start of something special" - Make Noise and Dance. "Pigeon English is the work of a unique mind... Pere Ubu and Can for a new generation" - 4/5 - The Stool Pigeon .

To me it sounds like twisted droney exotica jazz,meets Pere Ubu meets The Fall (is Daniel identical twin brother of Mark E. Smith????????).Anyway,that's my opinion from the 4 songs i've heard,and i think it's worth to be very recommended!

Go here to hear for yourselves.

Mutant Sounds recommends it as one of the best gems of 2007 ,so far.

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Anonymous said...

Dear M-S:

Just a note to tell you how much I'm enjoying the diverse musiks you are helping to distribute to a wider audience. It often takes me weeks to get to listen to some of your posts, but when I do I find much to enjoy. (Semi) recent posts of PI Corps and Pimmon have both floored me. Super stuff. And your comments, even about music I don't enjoy, are also quite interesting. Since it takes me a while to listen to things, I'd be quite happy with fewer posts and just as much writing, musings on the meanings of these musics (rather than just biography/history).

Any rate, I'm very glad you were not deterred in continuing with M-S, and I remain a devoted reader and listener.