Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Peter Frohmader-Macrocosm(1989,CD)+Through Time and Mystery(1988,2xLP)+Kanaan Live 1975 (2000,CD),Germany

Here's the last set of P.Frohmader recordings ,including his rare live CD with group Kanaan in 1975.I'm not quite sure if these all are out of print,but i think they are with exception for the Macrocosm CD perharps.
get macrocosm here
get through time and mystery here and here
get kanaan here and here


glacial said...

i am searching 'through time and mistery' for a long time,
i thought this lp as a legend, but really it exist
a million of thanks

Adam Eleven said...

Have lot of Frohmader stuff, but never even heard of this LP (Through Time and Mystery). I love you, Mutant Sounds.

Anonymous said...

Possible for a re-up of Through Time And Mystery? Many thanks!