Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is the self-titled album from Size, a mexican new-wave band that had the particularity of having two members ofRIO band Decibel (Carlos Robledo and Walter Schmidt). This recording (as stated by the booklet) are from 1980-1983, andas far as I know, weren't released properly on it's time. This compilation is from 1991, from the Rock and Roll Circus Label (now defunct I think) which was the label from late 70's club Hip70 in Mexico City.
The music varies from synth-fueled punk songs (tracks 1-7) thru synth pop (tracks 8 -11) and experimental tracks (12 -13).
Size were:Illy Joker (Jaime Keller) - VocalsChaly (Carlos Robledo) - Guitar, keyboards, backing vocalsDean - Drums, percussion, backing vocalsWalter (Schmidt) - Bass, synths.
Thanks Tobias for this!Magnificent stuff!
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Some really amazing posts today!
Finally listened to Dharma Quintet and have to say it reminds me why I've been somewhat obsessed with the NWW list. The ballsiest jazz-rock set I've heard this side of the first One Shot disc.

Thought I'd take this opportunity to endorse the use of Sharebee. There's so much I want to download from this site, it makes life a heckuva lot easier.


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Wonderful album. All I'm gonna say.

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I'm trying to get the download, but it's broken :( Any idea where I can get a link?