Friday, April 6, 2007

Stratis-New Face,tape,1983,Germany

(alternative cover)
Here's one more Stratis tape.Anyone possibly got his extremely rare tape from 1981 called Exotic?
get it here


michael said...

And again: MANY, MANY tahnks for your great posts !!!
Unfortunately I've never heard of an STRATIS tape called "Exotic", so I can't help you.
This time I've some more requests (hope it's not too much to ask for!)

Absolute Body Control - Absolute Body Control tape 1981

Absolute Body Control - Figures tape 1983

Absolute Body Control - Tracks tape 198?

V.A. - The Signal To Noise Set Lp (
A1 Informatics - The Great X-1
A2 Modern Jazz - Radio Scream
A3 Dono-Detti - Man Unlimited
A4 Second Glance - Shackles & Chains
A5 Software Seduction - Try
A6 Shanghai Au Go-Go - Talk Back
B1 Dono-Detti - Flesh And Steel
B2 Into The East - I Stand Still
B3 Nuvo Bloc - Living Brigade
B4 Human Backs - Frankenstein
B5 Dono-Detti - Forbidden

I wish you happy easter and enjoy your holidays !!!

Anonymous said...

i can upload the exotic tape for you when you return...