Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thealonian Music-Project X Chromosome X,tape,1982,Australia

THEALONIAN MUSIC was an experimental recording project between Ash Wednesday & T E Power. These recordings were made between 1980 and 1982, using the latest electronic instruments of the time. The concept being to generate music of a spontaneous nature, with the rhythmic foundation being provided by a programmable drum machine, sequence and synthesizer combination (the former two programmed in a rapidly impulsive, wreckless manner). Composition and performance were a simultaneous and live procedure, with no overdubbing or remixing incorporated into the process.
Recorded On 1981
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terminaltoy said...

Haha! I was with Ash last night when we discovered this post. He's too modest to comment, so I will. This blog is a crusher, you guys work very hard!

mutantsounds said...

Mr.Ash has seen my blog!WOW and WOW again!Impressed....tell him to contact us through mail!I'm planning a release of a mutant sounds blog compilation and i would really appreciate it if he could contribute with a song(unreleased possibly?)
thank you!

terminaltoy said...

Request noted, will be duly conveyed. Keep up the mindblowing good work!

sideroom said...


just curious about the tracklisting for track 7 ( or side 2, track 3 of the cassette ) as my cassette say's it's called 99.9%, plus your cover is different to mine...I wonder if the releases are slightly different

it IS the same song by the way, just that yours is called "useless information" and mine is called 99.9%...possibly different issues ??