Thursday, April 12, 2007


A sickly fascinating and one of a kind item, Swit Drimz's combination of 70's TV station ident music, highbrow avant garde elektronische komposition and ELP prog is equally baffling and endearing.

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Anonymous said...

thanks again for a wonderful release from spain (definitely not aviador dro related).
At you'll find an english website featuring 'clonicos' and almost every other spainish experimental artist(look in 'data'-link), so it's worth checking. Also worth checking is their netlabel (link at their site); another netlabel promoting experimental music from spain is, with many free releases (I'd specially recommend madrid-based duo 'druhb' featured on both sites).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Souster...very cool this one.

studioriley said...

I have this and was a student of Tim's in the seventies. It is a really great recording, It captures only a small element of his output but it is very good. Tim changed my life and his approach to music has inspired me the rest of my life. Riley.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Souster is a man spoken of very highly by all, both musically and personally - to have trained with Stockhausen and contributed music to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is quite an impressively wide CV.

Anyway, this is great so thanks very much for posting it. Likewise the rest of this tremendous blog, to which I am a regular visitor.

Best regards,

D Solomons

Anonymous said...

Managed to buy this LP over the phone, from the composer himself. Long time ago, in the days when digital manipulation of sound was an intriguing prospect - in the way that recreating the woolly mammoth might be today. I intend to listen and enjoy again this weekend. I'll raise a glass to Tim.

Pauley said...

Dear MS, would you please re-up this very hard to find album?