Friday, April 20, 2007

Topos Uranos-Suite Mistica,LP,1983(?).Brazil

Topos Uranos, hails from Brazil and consist of 4 amazing musicians. This, their only record, is a wonderful journey, into what the Brazilian progscene, have to offer, when it comes to complex, well written and great performed prog rock. There is not many vocals on this, more some narrated sounds of a sort. But the main thing here, are the complex way the music is performed. About 65 min. of great progressive rock
The first track “Prèludio”, could have been written by Hackett, at any given time. Very gentle intro, with Arthur Nogueira’ s great sounding guitar and only some percussion to back him up. Then it move on to a King Crimson sounding track: “Kaos Dias”, with great drums, piano/ keys and Hackett style guitars. Next up, is the wonderful tune, “Sonho Perdido”, which is kind of a mix between Genesis & Jethro Tull. With woodwinds, great keys, flute extraordinaire and furious guitar solos. One of the few tracks that have vocals. Beautiful, in native “Spanish”. Kind of like listening to Camel. Another great track. Then it’s time for one of the great highlights: “In Memorian”. A very gentle acoustic guitar, at the beginning, with violin and keys. One of the most heartfelt tracks ever. Well, no need to go on and on, track by track. This is just an amazing record, made by some outstanding musicians. Of which, some went on to perform with other bands and others again, is lost somewhere, in sunny Brazil. Only thing I know for sure, is that the fantastic guitarist & vocalist, Arthur Nogueira, went on to start, another great Brazilian prog band named: Projeto Caleidoscòpio. Another great band, to go search for, dear friends
Well, dear friends. This is one of those moments, when one wonders, if, in fact, all great prog music comes from either the Uk or the US? I think not. This is another statement, that there is much more for us progheads, to explore, out there in the “reel world”. The Brazilian progscene, is a marvellous place to start searching, for some outstanding prog music. They do have many prog bands and Topus Uranos, is just one. So, do yourself a favour and start exploring. Could be here, with this outstanding masterpiece, by Topus Uranus. Note: This is for you progheads, who like the likes of Hackett, Camel, Jethro Tull ect. (and at times, it reminds me of Happy The Man, but mostly in the sound of the keyboards). Or the ones who are in search for something new( Yeah yeah, I know, it was recorded a very long time ago… but still, it stands till this day, with grace).

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