Wednesday, April 4, 2007

V/A :Life Elsewhere,12" MLP,1980,USA

Very rare post punk/synth wave compilation from 1980.Released through Mr.Brown label,featuring:Beakers, John Foster and Steve Fisk(possibly his debout vinyl appearance,not even mentioned in his website or Wikipedia!).

get this rare gem here


FuzzFlynn said...

I've come across a 7-inch by this band called Anonymous, at the radio station that I work at. Someone noted on the label that Steve Fisk was part of this band....ever heard of it? The Corporate Food song is my came out in 1980 as well. I don't know though which came out first.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This is absolutely fantastic, unique and mind-expanding! Saw that this item was offered at ebay in great shape for 5 US$ and nobody bid!

uncle_alex said...

I'm loving this, thanks a bunch.

fuzztunnel said...

Yes, very good! Now it's on ebay for $60. Yikes!

The brown acid is a bummer.