Friday, April 6, 2007

V/A:A Bain Total Sampler :"Germany",Tape ,1983,France

Here's another Bain Total release of experimental electronics /industrial music!
A1 Camera Obscura - Hand In Hand
A2 Die Form - Blades
A3 Dz Lectric - Rock'n'roll
A4 Dz Lectric - Our Mother Go Into Psychiatry Our Girl Are Half-suicided
A5 Dz Lectric - Le Viol
A6 Dz Lectric - Révolution Culturelle
A7 Etant Donnés - Son Sang Juge Cent Morts
B1 I.m.m. - 4 Hours Before
B2 Krylon Hertz - Wahnsinn 33
B3 Krylon Hertz - Châtiment Ii
B4 Krylon Hertz - Deliria Nocta
B5 Ptôse Production - Die Nacht Der Saurier
B6 Stigma Diaboli - Nova Lustmord
B7 Die Form - Séquence Mort
B8 Die Form - X (insuline)
get it here and here


Bogdan said...

great post! thanks very much!... i'm very interested on all the k-cassettes released on bain total and anything die form related... do you have some more beside the ones posted already?

Bogdan said...

i found on the internet some info about this compilation and there are some differences regarding the tracklist (
do you know wich is the correct tracklist? do you have a scan of the inner sleeve?
anyway, great job... can't get enough of these great posts of yours! :)