Friday, April 6, 2007


Very rare and important experimental/minimal synth compilation from Spain.
A1 Uvegraf Refractiva Ocular. Expo # 1 (5:15)
A2 Esplendor Geométrico Comisario De La Luz V. (4:50)
A3 Recursos Ajenos Como Quieras (2:35)
A4 Interaccion Claroscuro (5:14)
A5 Juan Teruel Garcia Claustral (C.S. - A.T.) (4:04)
B1 Ejumboeke Heliophore (4:23)
B2 Luis Mesa Hot Wheels (4:10)
B3 La Otra Cara De Un Jardín El Canto De Las Silfides (3:46) B4 Deposito Dental Noche Cansada (4:30)
B5 II Epoca Del Hombre Estado Natural De Comportamiento (5:45)
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ArnoldPaole said...

I Can't Believe Nobody Has Posted A Comment About This Gem...Probably On Of The Best Spanish Compilations. After Years Of Reading About It Now I Got The Chance To Hear It!!! Thanks So Much.