Sunday, April 15, 2007


Great experimental/minimal synth compilation,released in 1986 by Auxilio De Cientos label.
A1 Wendy Chambers Star Spangled Banner
A2 Emily Faryna Compromise
A3 Neo Zelanda Amore Mio
A4 Emily Faryna Propaganda
A5 Anne Gillis Sin Titulo
A6 Dagi Bernhard Wiegenlied
A7 Wendy Chambers The Kitchen
B1 Sue Ann Harkey The Greenhouse Effect
B2 Tara Cross No More Drugs
B3 Ericka Irganon Creatures
B4 Audio Leter To Be Free Is Nothing


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Mr Fab said...
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Mr Fab said...

That first Wendy Chambers track features her famous Car-Horn Organ, whcih is exactly what you think it would be. Would love to hear more - I know she put out an EP on 99 Records.

Sue Ann Harkeys' "The Greenhouse Effect" is amazingly prescient, isn't it? That's got be the first music about global warming.

Chris Seddon said...

Please can you re-up as this link is dead?

many thanks!

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Anonymous said...

great site and great to notice Ani Zinc included. Any chance to get a new link for "Femirama"? Would be so nice!
Thanks (and also for your work here!!!)

Anonymous said...

I also would love to see this reuploaded!

Anonymous said...

Hi, would it be possible to re-post this album? Thank you!!!

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