Friday, April 6, 2007

V/A:Film Noir, American Style,2ble tape box,1984,Netherlands

Very rare and important tape compilation,collecting all the best experimental acts of this time.
Released by Ding Dong label ,beautifully packaged in a deluxe box with booklet.
A1 Doo-dooettes Zombi
A2 Fibonaccis, The Looking For Eddie
A3 Craig Leon In The Eye Of The Hurricane
A4 Kerry Leimer A Spiritual Life
A5 Port Said Countdown To Midnight
A6 Residents, The Edweena
A7 Naux The Deepest Parts
B1 Richard Bone Far From Yesterday Part 1 & 2
B2 Voice Farm 12th Street
B3 Tom Recchion Limelight
B4 Bomis Prendin Hell's Little Ransom
B5 Ghostwriters, The The Middle Distance
B6 Vincent Gallo The Killer's Kiss
C1 Van Kaye & Ignit Behind Venetian Blinds
C2 Arthur Brown & Craig Leon Morning Was Cold
C3 Benjamin Lew Apotheose De B.
C4 Twice A Man Sharp The Voice
C5 Ptose Martine On The Docks
C6 Clock Dva We Cast Tall Shadows
D1 Mick Hobbs Girl In A Red Dress
D2 Hero Wouters Strangers On A Train
D3 Der Plan Film Noir Programm 2
D4 Hi-tones, The Shadow Of A Doubt
D5 Utilisation Du Vieux Port Fuite Point Joliette
D6 Muslimgauze The Asphalt Jungle
D7 Genetic Factor Don't Enter The Poolroom Now
D8 Anne Gillis Dernieres Images Et Generique
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Anonymous said...

den pas kala, ante fige! :-)


musicgnome said...

This Film Noir Post is OFF the CHARTS, Amazing. I a huge fan of the genre. And, being able to hear these tunes interpreted in such a fashion is just incredible.

THANK YOU (times infinity)!

Hope you enjoy your holiday. You've made mine wonderful.

Anonymous said...

This comp is GREAT!
The WFMU blog posted it a couple of months ago, but it deserves to be shared some more 'cause it's really amazing.

Mister B. said...

Great music ... for some more info go here :

FM SHADES said...

Have a good holiday!


Ricardo Mann said...

Congratulations for the wonderful blog. Do you have an Art Zoyd cassete called "L'etrangleur est derriere nous"?
If positive would you like to post here? I will be very glad.
All the best!!

siys said...

Great share and great blog! Thank you very much!!

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