Friday, April 6, 2007

V/A:International Compilation 2,LP,1980,France

The Sequel!
No2 Tracklist
A1 Fab Two - Shadows Of Vega
A2 Fab Two - Das Letzte Wort
A3 Fab Two - Geppo Soldier
A4 Bomis Prendin - 2 %
A5 Bomis Prendin - The Doppler Shift
A6 Bomis Predin - Monster Zero
A7 Bomis Prendin - Spatula
A8 Bomis Predin - The Doppler Shift 2
A9 Bomis Prendin - Silence
B1 Magnétique Bleu - Starwars Dans Ma Tête
B2 Magnétique Bleu - Virgin Boy
B3 Magnétique Bleu - Neuroleptique Überalles
B4 M.b. - Accop (6) Ehte
B5 M.b. - Sordide Sentimental
B6 M.b. - Anesthésie Totale
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Anonymous said...

Amazing to find this - I have the LP and never thought to see it online. Did Bomis Prendin ever get anything else released?