Friday, April 6, 2007

V/A:Q.E.D.,NL Centrum,2LP+7",1988,Netherlands


Very important experimental/industrial compilation recorded live in NL Centrum.

A1 Laibach Organofonia Ramovs (4:32)
A2 Die Form Ataxia (2:50)
A3 Z'EV Untitled Excerpt (7:27)
A4 SPK Ebony Tower In The Orient (3:33)
A5 Radio Rabotnik TV Leader (2:40)
B1 Der Plan Kennen Sie Koeln? (2:57)
B2 Chris & Cosey Delerium 2 (4:54)
B3 Het Zweet Tribal Noise 2 (3:09)
B4 Non Toxique Lost HIA (4:35)
B5 Sprung Aus Den Wolken Anyway, Don't Do The Sport F*** (2:22)
B6 Michel Banabila The Call (4:17)
C1 Hafler Trio, The Restimulation (2:00)
C2 Konrad Becker Mutation-Waltz (2:20)
C3 Einsturzende Neubauten Meningitis (4:56)
C4 Kleg II (De Executie) (3:50)
C5 P16.D4 E & E (1:40)
C6 Peter Zegveld Gejuich Der Miljoenen (4:28)
D1 Etant Donnes L'Esprit Domine L'Etoile (2:00)
D2 Code Public Oirat (3:00)
D3 Club Moral I Wanna Be Injured: L'Age D'Or No 2 & 3 (6:30)
D4 Zero Kama Liber Al I:13 (2:52)
D5 S.B.O.T.H.I. C.B.A. (1:55)
D6 Test Dept. Demonomania (6:45)
E1 Legendary Pink Dots, The Premunition (4:30)***
F1 Blurt Man To Fly (4:12)***
F2 Marie Kawazu Moumoko No Otoko (Blind Man) (2:30)
Unfortunatelly missing E1 and F1 tracks of the 7".If anyone could provide these 2 it would be much appreciated.
get it here

Thanks to William the 7" is available too...
get the QED 7" here


jeff said...

Many many thanks for this!!
Mutant Sounds is going from strength to strength.
Please keep up the good work.


Joe Camel said...

Will rip my 7" soon. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

The QED 7" file will not open. Can you help? Tanx.

Farlac said...

The 7" file downloads with no file-extension. I changed the filename and added .rar to open it. The extraction fails, too. In winrar I did a "repair" from the "tools" menu. The single extracts and plays fine after that.

Anonymous said...

Yep now it works. But rename it to .zip and repair with winrar. (Izarc was not able to repair.) Farlac thanks for your advice.

And the songs are great listening!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this compilation... I really love it. You guys have done terrific work. Hard to find, obscure, rare, ltd editions. Most likely you shall find it here. 1000 thank yous!
- Eric


Rename file 7" to .rar and everything will be OK!

Thank you for the Music! Respekt!

Anonymous said...

7" is no longer up on RS