Sunday, April 1, 2007

V/A:The Swedish (Atlas) King,tape,1993,USA

a1 Frak "Controlled by Siel Dk 80"
a2 Spjuver Derviata "Good morning America"
a3 Spjuver Derviata "Flex"
a4 Pher & Ü "Drop out"
b1 The Queeweed "Headache"
b2 A.B.O. "Where are all our trumpets"
b3 A.B.O. "Oral Rituals"
b4 Alvars Orkester "Master of suction"
b5 Las Cometas Alegres "A matter of fact"
b6 Paul Kelday "Trance"
This was a compilation of the Borft label released on Smersh's Atlas King cassette label.... The last compilation Smersh assembled.....1/2 minimal and 1/2 atonal
Side one consists of rough soundscapes. "Good Morning America" by Dk 80 SPJuver Derivata stands out (sounding like the soundtrack from the infamous 1970 34 minute short film "The Grandmother" by David Lynch. It also reminds me of an artist by the name of Malok). Actually, much of side one sounds like early Lynch soundscapes (which is a good thing). While side two starts off, to my surprise, like a rave (not normally a style of music that I care for, but I have to admit that I felt like putting on the Dr. Seuss hat for this track) and continues on the techno path with an "art-house" Residents styled track placed in the middle of it all (for good measure). Also, the album is well produced..
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